2018 Academy  course plan updated 20/11-2017

Week Start End Registration Course Type
12 March 19th March 23th OPEN, 3 left Initial/ReFresh
15 April 9th April 13th SOLD OUT Initial/ReFresh
17 April 23th April 27th OPEN, 4 left Initial
20 May 14th May 18th OPEN, 4 left Initial
26 June 28th  June 29th OPEN, 8 left ReFresh
36 September 3rd September 7th OPEN, 6 left Initial
43 October 22th October 26th OPEN, 8 left Initial/ReFresh



The above courses are scheduled courses. Requests for other dates can usually be met at short notice.

After the initial course at CRALOG Academy, job training on board vessels is a requirement.

Refresher courses are always available at CRALOG Academy. (SOLAS MSC.402(96) requires refresher training every three years.)

A CRALOG Academy course is always followed up by a mandatory assessment, before the personal certificate is issued.