SOLAS the first version was adopted 

SOLAS 4th version was adopted 

SOLAS present version entered into force 

Established a training academy as a private limited company CRALOG A/S in Denmark and registrated our trademark. 

Certifying personnel for lifeboat inspection and lifting appliance according to a national recognized standard and breaking the lifeboat monopoly. 
ISO 9001-2008 certified by Lloyd’s registry. 
Authorized Service provider for Lifeboats and lifting appliance inspection by several flag state administrations. 

Authorized by Norwegian Maritime Authority to carry out re-certification of offshore cranes (B-1) 

ISO 9001-2008 certified by DNV 

Authorized by Norwegian Maritime Authority to carry out initial certification of shipboard cranes (A) 

Joined IMO SSE 5 as technical advisor for member state Denmark 
Our Academy received recognition of the Danish Maritime Authority for both Lifeboats according to IMO MSC. 1 circ. 1206 rev. 1 and lifting appliance inspection technical regulation no. 12 of 20 October 2010. 

Participated in the working group at IMO SSE 6 when the member states adopted resolution MSC 402(96) MSC 404(96), and made history as lifeboat inspection by authorized service providers became mandatory in January 2020. 
Our Academy received recognition of the Italian coastguard for Lifeboats inspection. 

Authorized service provider by Belgium Maritime Authority. 

ISO 9001-2015 certified by DNVGL 
Joined working group at  International standard ISO TC 8  as expert for Danish Standard developing ISO/PAS 23678. 

Our Academy received recognition of the Danish Maritime Authority for Lifeboats according to Resolution MSC .402(96)  
ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas 
Certifying all personnel attending our academy according to an International recognized standard as the first in the world and offering re-certification rules and regulations by e-learning. 
Approved service supplier by DNVGL, CNK according to UR Z 17 section 13 rev.14 
Authorized service provider by Liberia and Denmark according to MSC 402(96). 

Participated in the working group at ISO TC 8, when the stakeholders made a resolution to publish ISO/PAS 23678, which fulfills the GAP in MSC 402(96) section 7.1.1. 

Participated in the working group at IMO SSE 7 and made history when the member states adopted draught SOLAS resolution II-1/3-13.2 , that will make on board lifting appliance inspection by competent persons mandatory from January 2024. 
Approved service supplier by RINA, KR, ABS, and BV according to UR Z 17 Section 13 rev. 14 using a recognized international standard 
Authorized Service Provider by Bahamas, Panama according to MSC 402(96) 
Authorized by Norwegian Maritime Authority to carry out initial certification of offshore cranes (A-1) 

Passed a milestone of 10.000 statutory inspections carried out by our certified personnel. 

Gazelle 2020 

Registrated trademark renewed. 

Our Academy became third party certified by Bureau Veritas against ISO/PAS 23678, as the first in the world. 
Passed a milestone of 400 certified persons, authorized to inspect any make and type lifeboat fitted on board vessels flying the top 10 list of flag states. 
Approved by Lloyds according to UR Z 17 Section 13 rev.14 using a recognized international standard. 
Authorized by Faroe Maritime Authority. 

Participated in ISO TC 27th plenary meeting when it was agreed to develop the PAS into a full international standard 

The first Service provider in the world to be listed on Transport Canadas homepage as multi brand service provider. 


The rest is history!