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CRALOG state of the art software is developed to meet the requirements of SOLAS Resolution MSC 402(96)

Not only can you issue a statement of fitness while on board, you can get it countersigned, work off line, store photo use an IPad or laptop.
Vessel Photo, equipment on board, equipment manuals, survey window of equipment, name of owners, all previous inspections etc. just to mention a few features.
Keep track of assessments, experience, peer to peer training, Level I and Level II technicians, country files, checklists, approvals.

SOLAS require all statements of fitness on board through the lifetime of the equipment.
It´s never lost in our software.

Technical knowledges are not enough to act as an ASP. SOLAS is complex and you can not depend on every classification surveyor or flag state officer to know every resolution, no one can. That’s why you need to be the expert and that’s where CRALOG can help you with training software and knowledges


  • Compliance with section 5 and Section 8.2 of MSC 420(96) and ILO 152.
  • Access to country files from each flag state administration.
  • Verified vessels core data including Photo.
  • Documented evidence of experience for assessments.
  • Handling of employment orders.
  • Categorize of ISO Type made easy, and documented evidence of ISO family.
  • All documented make and type will be added automatically by our software.
  • All statement of fitness is electronical and includes a QR code, can work on-line or off-line.
  • All personal certificates are dynamic and electronically updated with make & type and include a QR code, all handled by our software.
  • Features such as make and type added on request based on documented evidence.

Note; is Software developed by CRALOG A/S and needed if our certification program is requested. CRALOG reserve all right.


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