Terms and conditions ASP

Terms and Conditions for CRALOG A/S as an Authorized Service Provider

1. Authorized Services Provided: CRALOG A/S (hereinafter referred to as CRALOG), as an Authorized
Service Provider (ASP), provides certified technicians who offer various services, but not limited to,
statutory inspections, maintenance, and equipment testing.

2. Scope of Employment: The certified technician’s employment under CRALOG is non-exclusive. The
certified technician is permitted to be employed by other organizations, including other Authorized
Service Providers.

3. Liability of CRALOG: CRALOG accepts liability for the services rendered by the certified technician
only when the technician is operating under the employment of CRALOG, using CRALOG’s quality
management system, and issuing the statement of fitness from CRALOG’s licensed software which
is transparent and includes quality measures such as a QR code to verify its authenticity. CRALOG
shall not be held liable for the actions or services of the certified technician when they are
employed or operating under the authority of another organization, regardless of whether that
organization is an Authorized Service Provider, or has used CRALOG’s licensed software to issue a
statement of fitness with an authorization as Authorized service provider other than CRALOG A/S

4. Duty of Technician: The certified technician is obliged to make clear to all parties when they are
acting in the capacity of an employee of CRALOG, as opposed to when they are working under the
authority of another organization. This can be verified upon request by showing a valid ID card with
the CRALOG logo and name, and the QR code should remain valid. The ID can be verified on

5. Intellectual Property: All materials, including any reports, assessments, or other deliverables
produced by the certified technician while operating under the employment of CRALOG, shall be
the intellectual property of CRALOG and issued with CRALOG’s licensed software go.cralog.com.

6. Code of Conduct: Certified personnel shall not attempt to work on equipment they are not certified
for; certified personnel should report incidents where they have been forced to carry out
procedures on equipment they are not certified for; and non-compliance by certified personnel
carrying out maintenance, thorough examination, operational testing overhaul and repair as
described in the IMO MSC. 402(96) Requirements, paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3, certified by an
authorized service provider meeting the requirements in section 8 in respect of health, safety, and
environment (HSE) instructions and procedures established by the company.

7. Confidentiality: The certified technician is obligated to protect and maintain the confidentiality of
any information they receive while performing services under the employment of CRALOG. This
obligation extends to any other organizations the technician may be employed by.

8. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from the terms and conditions stated herein shall be
governed by and interpreted according to Danish law. The Court of Hjørring, Denmark, shall have
exclusive jurisdiction over any such disputes.

9. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By engaging the services of CRALOG, you signify your
agreement to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you
must not engage the services of CRALOG.

CRALOG – [June 2023]