Make Service providers easily accessible to vessel operators in any port.
To be the first choice for vessels managers when inspections of lifeboats and cranes are needed.

Quality Goals
Legalisation, Compliance, training, experience and a sound professional judgement
shall be the foundations of all our inspections.
Maintain authorizations as issued by the most respected Flag administrations in the world

Code of Conduct
At CRALOG we aim for openness, honesty and transparency in the way we do business and are dedicated to building and maintaining strong partnerships and customer relationships.

We always strive for absolute regulatory compliance, meeting international as well as local legislation at all times.
We cooperate closely with relevant flag states, classification societies, manufacturers, service providers and ship-owners to define the content of any inspection in order to ensure that we meet every standard, rule and regulation in force.

Certified personnel shall not attempt to work on equipment they have not been certified for;
Certified personnel should report incidents where they have been forced to carry out procedures on equipment they are not certified for
non-compliance by certified personnel carrying out maintenance, thorough examination, operational testing overhaul and repair as described in the IMO Requirements, paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3, certified by an authorized service provider meeting the requirements in section 8 in respect of health, safety and environment (HSE) instructions and procedures established by the company.

Privacy policy

Notice on the processing of personal data