CRALOG A/S has received a Triple Certification issued by Bureau Veritas.

It provides a third party evidence showing compliance to SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation20 and in particular, the new Definition in III/3.25, as introduced by resolution MSC.404(96), entered into force in January 2020.

The requirements applicable to LSA Service Providers are now detailed in resolution MSC. 402(96), and CRALOG compliance is shown by means of 3 documents:

1. – A documented Quality System complying with the most current version of the ISO 9001:2015

2. – Employment and documentation of personnel certified in accordance with a recognized international standard as applicable, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 23678 Parts 1 to 4.
3. – Authorized Service Provider Certification issued by an Organization Recognized (RO) by a Flag administration, under the terms of the Service supplier Approval IACS UR Z 17 Rev.14

So why has CRALOG A/S chosen the renowned IACS member, Bureau Veritas?

– SOLAS – Requirements are statutory, i.e. set by the SOLAS Convention and Bureau Veritasis recognized by 118* SOLAS contracting governments and IMO Member states & BV is trusted by 9.389* vessels owners/operators.

With this kind of triple certification from Bureau Veritas, CRALOG personnel are able to inspecting any lifesaving appliances from any make and type, on board any vessel from the Top 10 list of Flag states, and CRALOG can certify its personnel in-house, without the need to attend other certification program.
*Source Year 2020 Lloyd’s List intelligence and IACS annual report
You will find CRALOG inspection certificates on board vessels all over the world.
And our portfolio continue to grow.

What we do
We maintain strong international stakeholder relations for a global levelplaying field in the shipping industry– this includes promoting fair business practices with open access to markets and standardisation.We analyse regulatory developments in a technical, commercial and legal context. Working on an international level to participate to decisionmakingprocesses, we contribute as technical advisors forEU and non EU member states and NonGovernmental Organisation(NGO) with the International MaritimeOrganization (IMO), the UN agency responsible for the safety of shipping,and other legal entities. CRALOG is an active liaisonorganisation with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Furthermore, CRALOG also provides advice to stakeholders(e.g. ship owners, Serviceproviders and classification societies) on daytoday operational challengesand strategical longterm considerations.