Third party certified against ISO/PAS 23678:2020 by Bureau Veritas

CRALOG is an authorized service provider. We are pioneers and have turned the lifeboat business upside down by breaking the lifeboat training academy monopoly, by offering our training academy for other Authorized Service providers, whom do not have the possibility to perform internal training and already familiar of using a program of external training by either equipment manufactures or other Authorized service providers.

All non experienced technicians participate in a 3 week training program, followed by one year of in field training (tutored on-the-job) under supervision.

Afterwards the candidates return for a one week assessment according to an international recognized certification program, and if deemed Competent they receive a Level II certificate, and they can now work unsupervised for 3 years.

A majority of technicians are experienced and have lost their posibilty to perform the job as their certificates are linked to commercial agreements with lifeboat equipment manufacturers and they all bring with them evidence of certification according to a manufactures established certification program supplemented with several years of infield experience.

The candidates participate in a one week re-assessment according to an international recognized certification program. If deemed Competent they receive a Level II certificate, and they can now work unsupervised for 3 years, where they return for Initial re certification and assessment.


In addition we offer

Training for competent persons that carry out lifting appliance inspections

Training of office staff, auditors and surveyors in the complexity of statutory requirements adopted by SOLAS member states and enforced by their recognized organizations the classification societies by The RO-Code* and the survey guidelines under the harmonized system of survey and certification (HSSC) , resolution A.1140(31)

*The RO Code defines the functional, organizational and control requirements that apply to ROs conducting statutory certification and services performed under mandatory IMO instruments such as the SOLAS Convention